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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try PanoLeh before I sign up

Yes, registered users can create up to 1 free PanoTours with a maximum of 5 scenes at anytime.

Can I upgrade my subscription plans afterwards?

Yes, we understand that users who benefitted from using our platform would need even more PanoTours. You may upgrade your subscription in your user dashboard at anytime.

What happens when I exceed my PanoTour limit?

You won't be able to create anymore PanoTours. However, if you need to create more, you may either delete existing PanoTours, or upgrade to a higher plan for better value.

Do I need any photography skills?

No you don’t. The good thing about 360 images is that it captures everything and the camera's auto functions will make sure the photos come out good.

How much do I save doing my own PanoTour?

With this technology, having a PanoTour may cost as low as just $0.25 each! Surely no photographers can beat this price!

Is it time consuming?

PanoLeh is really easy to use, it only takes a few minutes to learn! A PanoTour can be created and published in less than 15 minutes for new users!

I need help with making my own PanoTour!

Please visit our tutorial page as it covers every single detail on how to build your own PanoTour.

I am still having problem because it’s not related to any of the tutorials?

Feel free to call our hotline or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Can I use other cameras instead of Ricoh Theta?

Yes you can, any camera that produces 360 or equirectangular images is supported but we highly recommend Ricoh Theta as it’s the best camera we have seen. The image quality is excellent and definitely a winner in other aspects like mobility and value for money. Please check out our online WebStore for our recommended alternatives.

Can I use Smartphones instead of a 360 Camera?

Yes you can. Download Cardboard Camera (By Google) from App Store for IOS or Android supported Smartphones. However the quality of the pictures will not be as good as a 360 camera.

Can I view the PanoTours on mobile?

PanoTours created using PanoLeh may be viewed on any smartphone or tablets. It's designed to support as many devices as possible, focusing on providing the same dynamic user experience everywhere.

About PanoLeh

One of the world's fastest and easiest virtual tour builder, PanoLeh is built by a team with over 17 years in the tech industry.

Besides our expertise in software, our extensive experience in building the most immersive user experiences is the reason why we are trusted everywhere we go.

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